From Down There

Spring, 2010, Middletown, CT.

I did an IB Art sculpture in high school with the same title.  My topic was about different perspectives/what lies under the surface of things.  And the particular sculpture project I did was of a picnic blanket with all kinds of food like a sandwtcch, a bowl of cherries, and a half-eaten banana made of paper clay.  I then used thin silver wires to coil up miniature humans, and placed them on the food as if they were ants.

So yeah.  Imagine a world from down there.  We would have different values, ideas, fears, homes, culture, and everything.  I bet we would appreciate things more.



From inside a cab in Beijing, China,  February 2008.

Hate the time stamp, hopefully can remove it sometime in the future.

Yozakura (Night Cherry Blossoms)

Wesleyan University’s International Photography Competition Winner, Winter 2009

March 2009, Kobe, Japan

I’d like to also comment that this may be my favorite photograph that I’ve taken so far in my life because of many reasons.  It is a scene that I have always been able to see at home during the season before coming to the States for college, and cherry trees have a symbolic significance in Japanese history and culture.  This work is also my first legitimate (first non-legitimate was when my basketball coach/teacher bought one of my HL IB Art pieces) piece that someone insisted on purchasing despite my offer to them without a charge.  The recognition of this photo in the competition as well as the couple seeing value in my art is probably what got me into photography.

Hello world

And welcome to my photography blog.  I won’t say much, other than the fact that I’m going to be posting my own photos as well as other people’s photos that I find fascinating on this blog.  Not decided on whether I’ll write much in the posts, but we’ll see how this goes.